Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pre-Christmas Boot Camp

Training leading up to Christmas is a must! No other season leads to weight gain quite like Christmas. Each year in January we witness the regret people experience from poor habits over the holidays.

Our Winter Boot Camps have become a popular option to stay lean and healthy leading up to the holidays.

Our sessions are serious fat burning workouts with lots of variety to push and challenge participants and produce results!

Here is the info for our upcoming Pre-Christmas Session;

Dates: November 18 to December 18/13

Days/Times: Mon/Weds from 7-8pm

Number of Sessions - 10

Location: Charles Bowman Public School
                195 Bons Ave, Bowmanville


1) Live in Motion Members (PT/Yoga Clients and Participants of past Boot Camps)  $120 plus HST

2) New Members  $140 plus HST

3) 1 x Per Week (Either Day) $60 plus HST / $70 New Members plus HST

*Free Trial Session to all new members*

Please email for more info or with any questions.