Monday, October 29, 2012

Linda - Before and After

A huge congratulations to Linda on her amazing personal transformation. Linda was very clear on her goals from the beginning - better health, more energy, less body fat and higher quality of life.

She has been a great client to work with and has embraced the changes we have recommended. We take great pride in the success of our clients and are very happy for Linda and her great results.

Many thanks again to Linda for taking the time to write such a detailed and articulate testimonial...

Prior to working with Lisa and Jason, I had been feeling unhappy and dissatisfied with my general health, body fat percentage and lack of energy.  I would look in the mirror and think “What happened?” while at the same time wonder if I could ever re-gain a healthy self. I would wonder "Was my circumstance completely without hope?"  I had become undisciplined in my eating habits, jumping from eating regular meals of healthy food to missing meals and filling up with on-the-run junk food and then back again.  A lot of that was due to scheduling pressures and poor time management, but was also due to emotional stress and general body fatigue.  Although I had built-in “movement” in my lifestyle such walking 1-2 miles to/from work, cutting grass, home renovations, standing (2 hours at a time while teaching), I did not “do” regular exercise.  I had also become more acutely aware of my aging body and wondered how much of my poor health may be due to age (memory loss, difficulty concentrating, and fatigue).  I decided to nix age and hopelessness from my thoughts and move ahead with choice, commitment and “the possible.”  Lisa and Jason were part of that decision.
Linda Before
During May-August, my attitude became that of a learner. I wanted to learn how to eat and exercise in such a way as to regain energy, lose fat and improve my general health. I wanted to become a smarter, more consistent eater and someone who exercises regularly.  My attitude was also that of a doer – it must be.  As a young adult, I enjoyed running, weight training and team sports.  So during this initial phase of my transformation, I welcomed the idea of exercise. I would even say it became a kind of self-nurture for me.  What I did not realize was the critical role of water, nutrition and sleep in my personal health.  These components were new to me and I realized that I needed to pay attention to these aspects also if wanted to understand how my body works and how I could maintain health for the remainder of my life.  Lisa and Jason have helped re-train my thinking by applying their knowledge of human anatomy and physiology to transform my body. I have used it to transform my lifestyle.

Linda After

Jason and Lisa provided me with a tailored exercise routine covering 5 phases.  I am currently in Phase 4.  This routine makes use of my minimal home gym (dumbbells, bench, ball), the high school track that is close to my home and my indoor bike with trainer.  My days now have an exercise component to them (cardio and/or weights) and I have grown to be a better time manager with a lot more muscle and a lot less fat!  I no longer eat junk food, have a cast iron skillet, use a blender (smoothies), cook with spices, eat organic fruits and veggies and lots of protein.  I have learned about toxicity in my body and the role of water in reducing toxic levels.  I continue to work at nutritional time management and decision-making that conforms to what I now know.  I sleep 8 hours a day and am up early.  This is perhaps the one single transformation that I feel has improved my general well-being the most. 

I am also learning about stress in my environment and personal decisions, which has been a learning curve. I am currently learning how to establish stronger boundaries around my time in places that demand it the most, especially in the work environment. This is a new thing for me, but my attitude remains tenacious -- I choose, commit, and believe that a healthy body is possible even when the starting point or the mid-way point screams “impossible!” 

Thanks to Lisa and Jason for partnering with me to transform a sagging tired me into a firmer energized me!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pre-Christmas Indoor Boot Camp - Starts November 5th

Training leading up to Christmas is a must! No other season leads to weight gain quite like Christmas. Each year in January we witness the regret people experience from poor habits over the holidays.

It is important to make sure you have momentum leading up to Christmas and that your metabolism is revving along.

Our Winter Boot Camps have become a popular option to stay lean and healthy leading up to the holidays.

Dates: November 5 to December 12 (12 Sessions)

Days: Mondays and Wednesdays

Time: 7 to 8pm

Location: Harold Longworth Public School in Bowmanville

Cost: $145 plus HST

*Fall/Spring/Summer participants recieve discounts*

Our sessions are serious fat burning workouts with obstacles, boxing, battling ropes, core work and much more. Lot's of fun and variety.

Please email us for more info or to register.

15/15 spots filled on Wednesday sessions.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Recommended Product - Sun Warrior Protein Powder

Sun Warrior Protein Powder

Most people have trouble consuming enough protein to heal and  repair the body plus support hormone production. A quality protein powder makes it convenient to increase your protein intake without increasing meat intake.

 Brown rice based protein in considered a "clean' protein and contains no hormones, antibiotics or harmful sweeteners. Significant research has recently revealed many negative issues with the ever popular whey protein.
Available in 2.2lb bags of Chocolate, Vanilla or Natural flavour. $60 plus HST

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